Marketing Remedies

In line with this medicalised model, the superfood and supplement segment has grown tremendously. Nutritional supplements require no rigorous regulation or any proof of efficacy. They appeal to a public made desperate by the failures of the model itself, in part because using them requires no significant change in behaviour, but also because the label of “natural” superficially addresses the understanding that we should be well by default, while placing the blame on nebulous factors that need corrections. Both pharmaceutical and supplement industries benefit when nutritional education favours a view of our physiological needs as hopelessly complex. They profit when external interventions are seen as the proper response to ill health. What the body needs to heal is precisely a cessation of the onslaught of intervention and interference, and a simple return to the environmental state it “expects” to function under. When we understand our nutritional needs, our adapted limitations, and the lost detoxification processes, we understand that we need to limit toxins for our bodies to recover